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Our Okanagan Premium pellets are made from 100% softwood sawdust. There are no additives, bark or other possible contaminants. We manufacture our wood pellets to exacting standards. Our automated and quality control processes ensure that all pellets made at our facility meet the Premium standard of the Pellet Fuel Institute.

Here is how our pellets compare to the Premium standard:

Premium Standard Our Latest Pellet Specs
Bulk Density (lbs/cu.ft.) 40 to 46 lbs. 40+ lbs.
Diameter (in inches) 0.25 to 0.285 inches 0.25
Fines % less than 0.5% 0.4%
Inorganic Ash % less than 0.5% 0.37%
Moisture % less than 6% 3.87%

Find out more about our pellet manufacturing process by going to our manufacturing page.

Pellets for Bio Fuel

As heating fuel, our Okanagan Premium pellets are below 4% moisture for a clean and hot burning fuel. Our low ash content is a result of the type of sawdust we consistently use and the absence of bark in our pellets. Our fuel pellets are specially designed to burn exceptionally well in all wood pellet stoves, furnaces, boilers and BBQs.

Pellets for Animal Bedding

Our Stallion Equine Animal Bedding Pellets are in high demand for animal bedding. We supply our pellets to a growing domestic and international clientele. Our wood pellets will absorb four time their bulk density which is economically beneficial. The pellets expand into clumps making removal of only soiled areas easy, thereby reducing cleaning time and costs.

Stallion Equine Animal Bedding provides an overall better and cleaner environment for your animals.

Packaging and Distribution

We distribute our pellets in 40 pound bags stacked in various configurations ranging from 50 bags (1 ton) up to 75 bags (1.5 tons) per pallet. Being able to stack to various configurations gives us the flexibility to maximize shipping weights and thus reduces delivery costs for you.

A well packaged product is a very important step in our manufacturing process. We ensure that all configurations of pallets are tightly shrink wrapped prior to the placement of a thick plastic all weather cover, and then we shrink wrap again.