Okanagan Pellets Frequently Asked Questions

How does the acquisition of Okanagan Wood Pellets affect the retailers?
American Biomass's acquisition of the Okanagan pellet brand should have little impact on the sale and distribution to our wholesale customers. Our goal is to minimize any disruption to retail sales and to improve the efficiency of processing orders.
Will the acquisition of Okanagan Wood Pellets affect the quality of the product?
The Okanagan Wood Pellets will maintain the same high quality standards that has earned them the trust of so many retailers. They are manufactured to the same high quality levels as prior years. Okanagan will continue to be the finest brand of pellet fuel in the market.
Will you be offering all three different Okanagan brands - Platinum, Gold, Douglas Fir?
The Okanagan Platinum and the Douglas Fir brands are currently available now. The Okanagan Gold brand has been discontinued.
Is it true that Okanagan Wood Pellets changed their name to Northern Warmth?
No. Northern Warmth has nothing to do with Okanagan Wood Pellets and the brands are not related in any way.
Has the sales representative changed for Okanagan Wood Pellets?
Yes. Sales for Okanagan Wood Pellets are now being handled by American Biomass. The former sales representatives for Okanagan Wood Pellets were employed by Viridis Energy and are no longer affiliated with Okanagan Wood Pellets.
Where are the Okanagan Platinum pellets produced?
Okanagan Platinum continue to be produced from Canadian mills using 100% softwood fiber.
Do you have test results available for the Okanagan Platinum pellets?
Yes, lab test results available upon request.
Will you still be using the Upton distribution facility?
No. We are currently shipping directly from the mills to the retailers. If the retailer would like a less-than-truckload, we may source product from one of our many distribution centers throughout the New England.
Will American Biomass be selling old inventory from last season?
No. All the Okanagan pellets are newly produced this fall and winter.
Is it true that Okanagan Wood Pellets went bankrupt?
No, Viridis Energy Inc., the previous parent organization to Okanagan, has not declared bankruptcy and is still operating in Canada. American Biomass has respected the quality and reputation of Okanagan Pellets for years and was happy to acquire Okanagan from Viridis in order to ensure that Okanagan Pellets continue to be available in the U.S.
Does Viridis Energy still have any control over the Okanagan Wood Pellet brand?
No. American Biomass is now the sole owner.
How quickly can I get my order?
In most cases, your fuel will ship within a week or two of placing your order. However, weather may extend the lead times a bit.

If you have any other questions, give us a call at 1-800-246-6277.