About Okanagan Wood Pellets

Our Mission

To provide our retailers with the highest qualtity wood pellets available. Okanagan Pellet Company produces premium quality fuel products from clean raw materials resulting in wood fuel products that burn hotter with lower ash levels.

Why Okanagan Pellets?

Quality and Consistency are the two pillars of our product line and the most important aspects to consider while choosing a brand of wood pellets.

Our Quality

Quality is relative to the cleanliness of the wood fiber being used and the quality of the manufacturing process regardless of the species. Okanagan wood pellets has earned the reputation and the trust of our retailers as one of the highest quality fuel brands on the market.

Our Packaging

Our wood residential pellets are available in 40 pound bags and are stacked in various configurations ranging from 50 bags up to 75 bags per pallet.

Being able to stack various configurations gives us the flexibility to maximize shipping weights to the many markets we serve and thus reduces delivery costs for our customers. A well packaged product is a very important step in our manufacturing process. We ensure that all configurations of pellets are tightly shrink wrapped prior to the placement of a thick plastic all weather cover, and then we shrink wrap again.

Have more questions?

Many of the frequently asked questions from our dealers are answered here. If not, give us a call at 1-800-246-6277.